Posted by: Velly | 11 Jan 2009

Come back ….

I don’t know… suddenly i just wanna to be back here… write here again.

Yeah, this place won’t die after all … be back soon 🙂

Posted by: Velly | 7 Sep 2008

Pindah Rumah

Pindahan yuuu ….

Sekarang saya pindah domisili. Benar-benar pindah domisili.

Dalam rangka itu, saya juga pindah blog … huehehehe

Mari silakan masuk ke rumah baru saya di dunia maya ini :

Posted by: Velly | 7 Jul 2008

Last night i watched a six hours total playtime between Roger and Rafa.

This morning i feel tired, of course… i slept at 3.30 am this morning. But that’s not all. I am tired because i am rooting for roger, although it was my heart that choose him to be the winner.. my logic said it will be rafa. And rafa finally took the title home.

I can’t say that roger didn’t play well. But i just think that he finally at his limit. His current age and style is not strong enough to stop rafa. Rafa aggresiveness last night really paid off and push roger so hard.

When the trophy is awarded, i saw roger face. Full of dissappointment. Seems like he was butchered severely at his own court. I feel sorry for roger. I really hope he can bounce back after this loses streak against rafa in 2008.

I am still rooting for you roger ….


Responding Habib’s comment to this post, i feel like i need to add several more points that i want to share. Indeed, Roger made too many unforced errors. I feel disappointed because of that. But somehow, i strangely feel that i am being rude to Roger if i wrote it clearly here. I truly sorry for him. He deserves better. I dont know. Actually, I not that fanatic about tennis, let alone Roger. But this guys really caught my attention lately. He is like the Royalty of tennis. He deserves much much more, and to lose like this, its not very flattering to him. I hope he bounce back and grab his moment, and then if he wants to slowly step back from tennis, i hope he can do it gracefully and with full dignity.

Again, i am rooting for you, Roger…

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